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About Steven J. Fogel

steveSteven J. Fogel has been described as a “Renaissance man for the new millennium.” He is a cofounder of Westwood Financial Corp., one of the leading private commercial real estate owners in the country. For decades he has been an active participant in the human potential movement, inspiring and mentoring others to seek their true selves. As a longtime student of human behavior and development, he has studied with psychologists, educators, and rabbinical scholars. Steve is an accomplished artist and the author of Your Mind Is What Your Brain Does for a Living, published by Greenleaf Book Group Press; My Mind Is Not My Friend: A Guide for How Not to Get in Your Own Way, published by Fresh River Press; and The Yes-I-Can Guide to Mastering Real Estate, published by Random House. His broad experience in business and the arts led him to serve as chairman of the California Arts Council. He lives and works in Los Angeles.